Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Looking to meet Scholarship in Practice degree requirement?

IMPORTANT - for all of you that are following GenEd degree requirements we have great news! There is a class that's being offered on campus this Fall - BMGT461, Entrepreneurship, that will meet your Scholarship in Practice requirement! Please see the class details below and register NOW while there are seats still available. You do not need to get special permission to register for this course!
BMGT461 - Entrepreneurship
Section - SG92
Professor Andrew Sherman
M 6:30pm-9:10pm
Process of creating new ventures, including evaluating the entrepreneurial team, the opportunity and the financing requirements. Skills, concepts, mental attitudes and knowledge relevant for starting a new business. 
This is a GREAT opportunity to meet Scholarship in Practice degree requirement without having to go to the main campus! Don't miss out!

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