Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Criminal Law Internship Program

The Criminal Law Internship Program (CLIP) provides a fast paced, hands-on investigative internship for current students and graduates.  Intern Investigators spend at least 12 weeks at one of the most prestigious public defender offices in the nation. Interns don’t just sit in the office all day copying files. Partnered together, they work directly with staff attorneys to complete various investigative tasks and zealously advocate for their clients.

Full-time (40+ hrs/wk) and part-time (24-32 hrs/wk) internships are available.  Internships may be completed for academic credit.  New internship sessions start throughout the calendar year.  Please review the Informational Bulletin found on our website for specific dates.

Additional details and application process provided in link below. Students must complete a profile then apply for the WINTER/SPRING 2017 INTERN INVESTIGATOR job description (under "Apply to CLIP, then "Career Opportunities").

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