Tuesday, September 6, 2016

3rd Annual UMD Spring Break in Japan: Program on Disaster Recovery

UMD Study Abroad Program for Spring Break 2017!
3 credit course: “Disaster Recovery in Japan”

Apply by October 1st!
Visit to learn more and apply.

Floods, earthquakes, terrorism—disasters take many forms. How can communities recover?

Japan, a nation with a long history of disasters, is a global leader in disaster management. For your 2017 spring break, travel to Tokyo, Sendai, and the Sanriku Coast to learn from Japanese officials, entrepreneurs, activists, students, and educators involved in Japan’s recovery from the 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Prepare for your travel with 2 weeks of pre-departure online coursework, and then transition your learning from Japan to your own life and career by participating in 2 weeks of post-travel online coursework and a student-led service project in Maryland.

If you are interested in spending your spring break gaining hands-on experience in an international setting, learning how to address real-world problems faced by communities, you should apply to this program. Disasters affect all of us: UMD students of all majors and all years can benefit from—and contribute to—this program.

Questions? Contact the Program Director: Meredith Collier-Murayama (

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