Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fall 2014 Schedule--Other CP Courses

Included in this post are links to two documents:

  1. CCJS fall schedule--at this point all CCJS students may sign up for these courses first come first serve (pending necessary permissions).  You should sign up for courses as soon as possible as classes are filling up!  Here is the link to the fall:
  2. This link offers information on courses being offered by other UMCP programs at USG.  Please follow the directions on the link to request a spot on the wait list for any course that interests you.  Note that seat availability is not guaranteed for these courses and is based on availability after all students in that major have registered.  Thus you will likely not know if a seat has become available until a few days before classes.  Please sign up for courses offered by CCJS now.  You can drop them should you get into a course offered by another department in August.  Here is the link to these courses and instructions for getting on wait lists:

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